Class Acts: A Holiday Affair: Love Vs Lust

Class Acts: A Holiday Affair: Love Vs Lust
December 18th 2016 by Dare2Bee Dramatic Publishing, LLC
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The ten year class reunion of Rockland High school is being held in December Shelby and Adira can’t wait to attend, but for different reasons. For Shelby it’s a chance to see her high school sweetheart and help him realize what he missed out on. For Adira it’s a chance to show off her lavish lifestyle and make everyone envious of her. Shelby wasn’t as popular as some at Rockland High but she did have some social status there. The females hated her because the boys loved her. Shelby normally got what she wanted and didn’t care who she had to hurt in order to get it. When she first laid eyes on Calix she knew that she had to have him. He was the most popular boy at school and also the most handsome. Shelby had her and Calix’s life planned out, but there was just one problem with her fairytale, her prince charming is with Adira. Timothy loves Shelby but not the way that a man should love his wife. He needed Shelby and she would find out just to what capacity the night of the reunion. Timothy knows that he wasn’t his Shelby’s first choice but hell she wasn’t his either. He was anticipating the reunion just as much as she was he had some things he needed to et off his chest. Adira and her husband, Calix was Rock Land high school’s most popular couple. So, it was only natural that they ended up getting married and having kids together.

Along the way, Adira realized that the most popular couple wasn’t as great as everyone thought. Calix was a serial cheater and the only way to have a little control and order in her household, was to accommodate his needs.

Calix suggested monthly hall passes to help him deal with his issues of infidelity. Completely against the idea, but wanting to hold on to her marriage, Adira agrees.

Although, it was a hard pill to swallow, Adira got over it by redeeming her own hall pass. The date of the next monthly hall pass falls on the night of their tenth year reunion.

Adira fears that her husband, Calix will use his hall pass to sleep with his ex from high school that just happens to be her arch nemesis, Shelby and that a secret she has been hiding for months will be revealed. A night of remembrance, bonding, and happiness creates an aftermath of pain and betrayal as secrets are revealed, and rules are broken. Adira and Calix marital woes becomes prevalent and Shelby and Timothy façade of a marriage slowly begins to unravel.