Sissified by the Sisterhood

Sissified by the Sisterhood
November 20th 2016 by Padded Tales Erotica
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Warning: This erotica is intended for adults only. This ebook contains mature themes; if you’re offended by sexual content, you should not purchase or review this title. College is supposed to mean maturity and adulthood. It does for the other guys, but not for Nate. Nope. This young man will be turned into a sissified baby girl. Nate’s just a terrified freshman, new to campus. Really, his only goal is getting through his first semester without any trouble. But then, this hot girl comes right up to him. She’s a senior, beautiful, and the leader of Theta Pi, the most exclusive sorority on campus. Nate doesn't realize it yet, but Reyna has plans for him. Big plans.

He might not like them. Enticingly charismatic but controlling, Reyna can tell that he's going to be perfect for what she has in mind. As the president of Theta Pi, Reyna can get away with pretty much anything.

Now, she wants to take this freshman and teach him how to be her toy. She wants to have a human plaything, a boy who will do whatever she wishes. Before he knows it, Nate gets restrained, diapered, and spanked. Every girl in the sorority house outranks him now. He’s their toy. He’s their plaything. They show him off in his diapers. They get the boys and girls at their school to spank him. They can dress him up however they like, and there’s nothing he can do about it. They even shave off all of his big boy hair. But this is only the beginning. Eventually, Reyna might get bored of having a boy toy. She might instead, prefer a baby sister… This 23,000 word ebook includes bondage, domination by females, public humiliation, diapering, ABDL, and orgasm denial. All characters are consenting adults over the age of 18.