His Sniper: A Survivor's Submission

His Sniper: A Survivor's Submission
October 3rd 2017
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Lana has a dirty little secret she cannot ignore. Despite the constant threat of roving zombies, she knows of only one way to deal with the stress besides blowing out a Rotter's brains. But when her naughty sessions of self-love cause her to neglect her duty, a survivor's life is nearly lost and Lana finds herself in deep trouble with their stern and mysterious leader, Sawyer. Sawyer knows exactly how to deal with a undisciplined girl like Lana. Only once properly punished and satisfied can Lana become the sniper the survivor's so desperately need. But will she allow her pride to be shaken for the sake of discipline, and can she accept submission for the sake of pleasure? This is a short tale of erotic discipline. Be warned: spanking, elements of bondage, and graphic sexual scenes are contained within!