The Devlin Deception

The Devlin Deception
November 20th 2013 by Jake Devlih
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When Jake Devlin, a mellow, laid-back beach bum, begins writing a controversial novel about Gordon Donne, a reclusive, iconoclastic billionaire who buys the United States and sets out to fix all of its problems on behalf of "We, The People," he knows that Donne's autocratic but well-thought-out and common-sense policies will rub corrupt politicians, lobbyists, businessmen, televangelists, speculators, union and mob bosses and hundreds of other greedy power players the wrong way ... dangerously so. But when Jake is confronted on the beach in Bonita Springs, Florida, about his background and motives for writing the book, little does he know that his relaxed lifestyle will inexorably be driven into confusion,chaos, paranoia (for good reasons) and a few unbelievably exotic interludes. A black helicopter, assassination plots, death threats, betrayals, extortion, bribery, ditzy beach bunnies and scrumptious brownies complicate his life and embroil him in a complex web of intrigue with a beautiful woman who may or may not be haunted by a deep, dark and painful secret. But is Jake carrying his own deep and possibly dark secret? Begin your journey through this absurdist blend of fiction and reality (and some obligatory gratuitous eroticism) and see for yourself.