Six Strokes Under (Cassie Burdette Golf Lover's Mystery Series)

Six Strokes Under (Cassie Burdette Golf Lover's Mystery Series)
July 30th 2012 by Roberta Isleib
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"Six Strokes Under reads like a Sunday afternoon watching Tiger Woods play--it's tough to take your eyes off it. Isleib expertly captures the myriad personalities of professional golf and the unique world of the country club and spins it like a Hollywood thriller."--Matt Pepin, New Haven Register "Golf was already a mystery worthy of Poirot. Now Roberta Isleib has written a mystery worthy of the game."--David Owen "So intelligent and engaging, even readers who don't know a driver from a nine-iron will love it."--Abigail Padgett Nominated for an Agatha for Best First Mystery and for an Anthony for Best Paperback Original. Cassie Burdette used to carry clubs on the PGA tour--now she’s swinging them at the Qualifying School for the LPGA Tour.

The competition is fierce, but the standout so far is Kaitlin Rupert--whose talent and beauty are eclipsed only by her attitude. Cassie is shocked to find Kaitlin’s psychiatrist murdered--and even more shocked to be identified as a prime suspect.