Mistress Claire Takes Control: A Domination Erotica Story

Mistress Claire Takes Control: A Domination Erotica Story
June 1st 2013 by BJ Hardcore Erotica Press
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Mitch couldn’t believe his luck when the beautiful woman crossed his path, and it was even more unbelievable when she took him home with her. He’s about to discover that Mistress Claire likes things to go a certain way, and in this case that means she’s taking charge of Mitch, taking charge of him completely. Warning: This ebook contains explicit descriptions of rough sex and includes domination and submission. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this ebook. Here is a preview: “Wait here.” “I don't fucking want to.” “Well too fucking bad you defiant fuck!” With that she walked out of the living room and Mitch sat there. He waited. His waiting for he thought was an eternity, and finally he saw her come out. “Holy mother of fuck,” he thought to himself as he looked at her. She stood there, wearing a black leather mini skirt, black leather zip up halter top which hugged her huge tits; black “fuck me” pumps, fishnet stockings, and a riding crop. Her long black gloves added the finishing touch.

She patted her palm with the riding crop as he watched her. “I am your mistress now and you will do as I say when I say. Got it?” “Of course” Mitch said, nodding fiercely. She walked up to Mitch and slapped him across the face. “That's 'yes, Mistress Claire.' Got it, bitch?” “Yes, Mistress Claire,” Mitch said. She smiled. “That's a whole lot better,” she told him. She walked over and sat down on a kitchen table and spread her legs wide open in one quick motion, showing him her pussy. “I want to see you crawl up to me, take my shoes off, then lick your way up to my cunt.” “Yes, Mistress Claire.” “Bear in mind that if you do one thing wrong, one thing that doesn’t fucking please me, I will beat the living shit out of you with this.” She said as she held up the riding crop. “Got it?” “Yes, Mistress Claire.”