How to Get Hired as a Full-Time Teacher: An Insider's Perspective

How to Get Hired as a Full-Time Teacher: An Insider's Perspective
August 23rd 2015
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The author, Jamie Reynolds, is a teacher with 16 years of teaching experience who is currently a full-time Kindergarten teacher. Here is what he has to say about his book: “I have seen a lot of potential teachers get hired and I have also seen a lot of them get turned down. The frustration is real. The mental battles within are real. The part of the hiring process candidates are not aware of is real. Candidates need an insider’s perspective. Quite frankly, if you are not inside a school building every school day all year, you just do not understand, and it would be impossible for anyone to understand. I wrote this book to help you see what you are unaware of behind the scenes. I set aside a large portion of my summer break to write this book to help people. I want to help people understand why they can’t get the job they want, and I want them to get the job they want. All of the people who I wanted to help but I couldn’t say anything to for the last 15 years compelled me to write this book. If it were not for watching their frustrations and wanting to help I would not have written it. I want to help. The tips you can see in the table of contents are only part of what you need to know. The stories that go with those tips are what will really open your eyes! I have seen a lot in 16 years!” Are you a student teacher? This book will set you apart. Are you going for an interview soon? This book will give you insight. Are you wondering what happens behind the scenes in the hiring process? You will love this book! Do you want NEW strategies to help set you apart? Add this book to your cart! Do you need a book that is a difference maker in getting you hired? You found it! Add this book to your cart now for just $2.99, and find out what is REALLY HAPPENING THAT YOU CAN’T SEE ON THE SURFACE!! GET THE INSIDER’S PERSPECTIVE!!! I appreciate honest reviews and my email information is in the book. I would love to help you!