Flat Fax And The Book Of Doors

Flat Fax And The Book Of Doors
December 6th 2011 by splot! publishing
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Most Boys like robots but very few become robots. This is the story of one boy who did. Warning: This fairy tale is badly infected with science fiction! Granny Which Witch is the editor-in-chief of her own domain and has written all the stories that give it form, every character, every village, every detail.

But someone is changing things, deleting things, editing things...and Granny is not happy about it. Flat Fax, an ogre named Klutz, and an invisible fairy travel through the stories on the way to the surprise birthday party Flat Fax is sure his mother has planned for him. Uncle Whatchamacallit realizes Flat Fax is a creature of science and fiction. Could he be the secret to defeating Lady Who the Enchantress? Or is he the cause of all the disturbances? This is the first of a two volume tale comprised of Flat Fax and the Book of Doors and Flat Fax and the Door of Books. Robert Heinlein's World as Fiction forms the basis of a fun rethink of the classic fairy tale. approx 106,000 words, 200 pages approx. Full color illustrations.

This book contains no references to sex, cursing, or gratuitous/realistic violence. Reading level is advanced.