Scope Of Satan: Daily Overview

Scope Of Satan: Daily Overview
January 28th 2016 by Stevie Long
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HOROSCOPES GRIPPED BY THE HANDS OF SATAN A cast of astrology believers who are excessively addicted to reading their horoscopes become possessed with a powerful need to know their daily predictions; their horoscope entices them to follow its foreseen guidance, then captures their souls through the mystic powers of Astrology, gripped by the hands of Satan, entering their minds, to get to their souls. John Goodman, an arrogant hot headed cop in Texas stands in a daze watching his partner Todd get brutally maimed by what looked like a two legged jackal. While John waits in the hospital for news on his partner, he remembers he has Todd’s phone when it vibrates in his pocket, messaging Todd’s daily horoscope with an animated image of a Ram beast. With a sarcastic eye roll, he reads his partner’s horoscope; then reality kicks in, it was right on the money, but in discreet written words. Being a cynic of horoscopes he disregards the message, but later, his own horoscope mystically appears on his phone. Dismay begins to evolve amongst those in his realm who depend on the wise and trusting advice written by astrologers, not knowing that their minds are being lured by evil spirits, communicating to them through their horoscopes, controlling them to follow its guide of what it tells them... or tells them to do. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED … Content is for Mature “Readers” due to Language and Heavy Sexual content. PARANORMAL HORROR. IT ENTERS THE MIND TO GET TO THE SOUL... Dark Urban Fantasy, Supernatural Thriller