Wild Blackberries: Recipes Memories from a New Zealand Table

Wild Blackberries: Recipes  Memories from a New Zealand Table
November 1st 2014 by Allen Unwin
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A delightful cookbook-cum-memoir that explores, decade by decade and era by era, what New Zealanders eat and how that food defined a country "The preparation of food, the smells and tastes and textures, have accompanied me throughout the journeys of my life. In fact, looking back the food memories have become the marker posts—defining boundaries in the years, demarcating the challenges and the changes. In times of joy, food has enhanced the celebration; in times of sadness, it has colored and comforted. And in times of anxiety and emptiness its preparation has given rhythm and meaning to the day, and its offering to others continues to bring a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. When all else fails—cook!" In Wild Blackberries Rosie Belton has written not only her own story but also a social history of food in New Zealand. Decade by decade, era by era, she looks at what they ate, and how that food defined them.

Includes metric measures.