Heal the Ocean: Solutions for Saving Our Seas

Heal the Ocean: Solutions for Saving Our Seas
November 1st 2003 by New Society Publishers
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An oil tanker breaks up off the coast of Spain, contaminating beaches and killing over 100,000 birds. Colourful coral reefs turn a deathly white around the world. Six whales die in the Bahamas from bleeding near their ears after the Navy tests an active sonar system there. After so much bad news, people are thirsting for workable solutions to the oceans crisis. Heal the Ocean provides a refreshing change in the literature by emphasising success stories in the struggle to save the seas. The author -- a marine ecologist dedicated to protecting and restoring ocean ecosystems -- first describes the nature of ocean environments, and then discusses current and emerging threats, including pollution, over fishing, poor land use, deep sea mining, and the search for new energy sources. Heal the Ocean then urges that we build upon efforts that have successfully countered such threats. Upbeat and inspiring, Heal the Ocean will appeal to professional environmental advocates, community leaders, opinion-shapers and policymakers, as well as any citizen aspiring to protect the ocean.