Tarzan Trilogy by Thomas Zachek

Tarzan Trilogy by Thomas Zachek
March 6th 2017 by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.
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Here are three tales of Tarzan at Point Station, a remote English outpost near the Waziri homelands.

Set during WWII, we see more and more European intrusion to the Bolongo River Basin. Tarzan becomes embroiled in increasingly dangerous events as cultures clash.

Tarzan and the “Fountain of Youth”: Searching for the missing son of a friend, Tarzan encounters agents of an unscrupulous pharmaceutical company exploiting jungle resources for its own profit. Tarzan and the Cross of Vengeance: A team of archaeologists making a groundbreaking discovery; a group of well-meaning but naïve American missionaries arriving to convert the native tribes; and a ruth band of men with a dark purpose stir up a heady mix of challenges for Tarzan, fomenting an intertribal war that only he can stop. Tarzan the Conqueror: When the Third Reich invades Africa to exploit the land for riches and enslave the native population in labor camps, Tarzan leads the tribes in an unprecedented tribal resistance.