Absolution River

Absolution River
July 20th 2015
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Broken by life and beaten by circumstance, Jack MacAulle is a man forgotten by the world. Lost and direction after serving his prison sentence, Jack sets out on a journey of self-discovery, plunging into the Montana wilderness without the intent of ever stepping out.

However, he is not the only lost soul trying to find an escape from the pain of the past. He stumbles into a conflict greater than himself, and is forced to come to terms with the things he has lived through and the life he has chosen. Can he walk the line between destruction and protection, death and renewal, evil and good? How can he ever begin to heal from the horrors of his childhood? The right decision may mean the difference between saving the town from a drug-addled madman, or becoming the monster himself. Aaron Mach has penned an action- and suspense-filled tale delivered at a breakneck pace that will keep the reader engaged until the very last page.