Standby (John Smith Book 8)

Standby (John Smith Book 8)
December 12th 2015 by Cold Fish Books
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John Smith finds himself in the depths of despair when his eldest son is kidnapped by Islamic State extremists, who threaten to behead him un Smith is handed over to them by the British government in exchange. Returning home from his successful mission in Egypt he is run ragged by the kidnappers, who are led by a man who has many reasons to hate Smith. A man whose skill as a terrorist has been developed over many years of fighting dirty wars; a man who has the ultimate incentive to carry on with his personal vendetta against Smith: kill Smith or your own family dies. By bestselling author and ex-soldier Craig William Emms.

Craig donates a substantial percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this book to Combat Stress, the Veterans Mental health charity. To find out more about Craig and the John Smith series go to