Colony - Bloodkin

Colony - Bloodkin
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The Gods Of Atlantis Had Been Awakened They were to usher in a time of peace and plenty for the Izon - those who had raised the Gods from eons of slumber. Instead, the Clan found themselves enslaved and tormented, treated as filthy, stupid animals. Now they must fight their own Gods to survive. But what good were knives and spears against beings who could melt mountains? They had to find a way or face complete annihilation.

Cronus, Lord Father of the Atlanteans, knew the soul-numbing truth of the Izon and hated them for their ancestry and for their prophecy of doom for all of Atlantis. Yet Cronus must not only fight the Izon and those within the Titans who would usurp him, but his own growing madness. Colony - Bloodkin, The Continuing Saga of Earth's First Civilization!