The Garden of Ghosts

The Garden of Ghosts
November 21st 2008 by Dark Regions Press
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The Garden of Ghosts is a gathering of original Victorian ghost stories by Scott Thomas. Whether set in rural England or a summery New England village, or in snowy London or a haunted house in Boston, each ghostly tale harkens in some way to the mysterious realm of vegetation. "Scott Thomas' stories have a delicate muscularity and a poignancy that lingers long after reading them. The Garden of Ghosts is a rare and beautiful collection. The tales within deserve to be doled out in increments and savored as one would a good cigar paired with a 20-year-old whiskey." -- Jeff Vandermeer, Author of Shriek: An Afterward "Thomas rises from the eerie evolution of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allen Poe, Ambrose Bierce, F.

Marion Crawford and H.P. Lovecraft." -- Jonathan Sisson, The Quoddy Tides