Carnal Kisses: Ensorceled by the Siren

Carnal Kisses: Ensorceled by the Siren
August 3rd 2012
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For months I had languished upon my enchanted shores, my body driven mad by wanton need, burning to feel the flesh of a mortal man once more. The Gods would surely acknowledge my plea, but until then there was nothing I could do but wait most impatiently... Excerpt: "May I know your name?" "Petros," he answered softly against my touch, the feel of his breath warm against my fingertip. With the briefest of hesitations, I bent my face downward and captured his lips in a kiss. Although roughened by the sea, they still retained some of their former softness and I eagerly pressed them firmly against my own. Responding to my urgent pressure, Petros opened his mouth wider and with his consent I slipped my tongue inside. I sampled the warmth within and I eagerly tangled our tongues together. With our lips still compressed tightly together, I laid his head gently on the ground and slowly straddled him in the cavity between my thighs. *word count: 2738* *this story can also be found in Carnal Kisses: A Sensuous Selection*