The Adventures of Ralph and Fred

The Adventures of Ralph and Fred
April 9th 2017
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These five stories are taken from tape recordings that I made many years ago. They are about two bungling men that set out to trap or capture animals for zoos.

Ralph, however, is the one that Fred sends in to do the dirty work of capturing the dangerous wild animals. The first story is titled "Psffttt!" It is about the capture of a bobcat that has climbed a tree. Ralph is then elected to climb the tree and lasso the bobcat. It turns out that it is a female with young.

Both end up attacking Ralph. The second story is called "The Bear Hunt.". Fred sends Ralph in a cave to make sure the hibernating bear is a male.

When he lifts its leg to make sure, the bear awakens. It is not a pretty sight as the angry bear takes out his anger on poor Ralph..

The third adventure is "The Snake Hunt." The two men are in South America along the Amazon River. After finding a world record anaconda, Ralph is sent in to capture it bare handed.

"The Lion Hunt" is the fourth story and Ralph and Fred go to Africa this time to dart a black-maned lion. Ralph is again sent to poke the largest male lion so he will run under a tree where Fred will dart it. Things do not go as planned, however, and Ralph must suffer because of Fred's mistakes. The last story is "The Javelina Pig Hunt." This time, poor Ralph is the bait as he is placed in a hole where a cannon net will be shot over him and a herd of wild peccaries. You can only imagine what happens when Ralph suddenly finds himself under the net with several angry and frightened pigs. To make matters worse, there is a huge wild boar with the herd of peccaries.