High Heels and Bad Feet

High Heels and Bad Feet
December 15th 2016
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High Heels And Bad Feet Margaret Johnston, a mother of three and widow, finds herself struggling to make ends meet to support her family.

Even though she lives in the high side of Los Angeles, she relies on government assistance in order to provide food and shelter to her children. When she was young, her large feet were constantly forced into small shoes which caused major damage to them. Unable to work, she needs help taking care of her children. In an attempt to gain assistance with utilities, Margaret visits the Howard Lewis Home Assistance Program Center where she meets Tyrone and they bond over their feet injuries they have in common. Though things move quickly after Margaret makes the first move, she finds herself head over heels and back into the dating game. After marrying this wonderful man, she unearths a picture that could ruin her whole life: evidence of the person who might have killed her first husband. Read FREE on Kindle Unlimited