Five Days of Darkness

Five Days of Darkness
August 22nd 2012 by Amazon Digital Services
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What would you do to save the soul of your child? Would you leave the safe haven of your home, family, and friends for a perilous journey into the unknown? Would you die every night to search for his soul in another world? Meet the Rankins-Jack, Serenity and Charlie-an ordinary family. Serenity a professor at a local university; Jack the chief of staff for a powerful US senator; and Charlie their seven year old severely autistic child. Their lives seemed so routine. Until one morning, an old illness returns to haunt Serenity-uncontrollable burning hand that can ignite fires. Unable to speak, Charlie reads his mother’s mind and sends her the thought, “Danger, we have to go.” Jack, a skeptic and nonbeliever of the supernatural, stays in denial. In Five Days of Darkness, Serenity sets out on a path to save her son and family. Does she succeed? Find out in Secrets & Serpents as Jack is forced to live in two worlds or lose everything.