Sharing a Bed

Sharing a Bed
July 28th 2014
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Waking up as I remembered how the night had ended I wondered whether Keith would throw a fit and have nothing more to do with me....I was about to find out. Excerpt: Climbing out of the covers then sliding down the bed until my head was in line with his hard cock.

Lying there watching him tease his beautiful shaft gently, it didn't take long before my own cock was hard at the sight of his little show. "Do you want me to kiss it" I whispered nervously realizing this was the moment of truth that I had fantasized about for years.

Within seconds my head had filled with thoughts, what if I didn't like it? What if I did like it? I had fantasized about a guy coming in my mouth, could I really let him do it? Then there was the fact that we were both drunk and horny as hell, would Keith wake up the following morning and regret allowing me to do it, Keith wasn't homophobic, but then again that didn't mean that it might not bother him. Shifting over gently as I watched Keith pull his hand away, I reached out tentatively then slowly wrapped my hand around his hard shaft and started to work him gently, listening to Keith let out a gentle sigh, Keith whispered "Do it for me mate".

Pushing my head forward as I lay holding my mouth inches from... Tags: Gay Erotica Gay Erotica Gay Erotica Gay Erotica Gay Erotica Gay Erotica