Veil of Anonymity

Veil of Anonymity
February 15th 2014 by The Wacky Wordshop
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Marcus James is dead. He never wanted to hurt anybody. He never planned for this to happen.

He never wanted Marcus dead. It just … happened … went too far. He couldn’t stop himself. So absorbed in his own dysfunctional world, selflishly concerned his own needs, he kept himself in denial about what, in truth, he was actually inflicting upon Marcus.

He was a bully. He can see that now. But now is too late.

Now he’s a killer. Using anonymous texts and threats the bully destroyed Marcus, revelling in the devastation that unfolded. Yet still, he was capable of deluding himself into believing he was doing no wrong; after all, he’d never even spoken to Marcus. It was simply a game to him. Little did he know, the consequence of losing was certain death, but winning held an even desirable fate. Because, once caught up in the evil grip of cyber bullying there is no referee, no-one in control, not when the attacker is anonymous and hiding within, and behind, the virtual maze that is the cyber world.