The Secret Life of Mrs. Claus

The Secret Life of Mrs. Claus
October 1st 2006 by Kensington
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A Little White Trim...

Olivia Neuman had hoped the worst was behind her after she broke her ankle, lost her chance to be a Rockette, and had to come home to Baltimore to live in the same city as her ex, Bobby (a.k.a. "Booby"). Of course, that was before she saw her face plastered all over billboards for Bobby's wildly popular cable show about an evil, conniving girlfriend named...Olivia. To top it off, the only job Liv can get is playing Mrs. Claus at Rossman's department store--a nightmare gig of wrangling bratty kids alongside a biker Santa. ...A Tight Leather Belt Single mom Cassie Derringer fantasizes about the lives of the wealthy women coming through the doors of Rossman's, lives of cashmere (sigh), winter white (practical--not!), well-behaved children (via cattle prods?) and involved dads (yeah, right). Cassie's son, Tyler, is a ball of wild energy, and she's sure it's because he has no contact with his father, a TV star. Cassie didn't know her own dad, but she's determined to give Tyler one. And when she finds a note with her Mrs.

Claus suit that reads, "This suit brings luck. Go with it," she's sure she's on her way... ...This Christmas, You Are What You Wear Bah, humbug. As heir to the Rossman's dynasty, the only Christmas spirit Meredith Rossman feels is the kind brought on by ringing cash registers. If she doesn't get sales up by 50% this holiday, her jerk cousin Daniel will become CEO. Dressed as Mrs. Claus, Meredith can keep an eye on operations and on Nick, the hired Santa who makes Meredith want to sit on his lap.