December 19th 2016
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Zoey My dad’s best friend is the only man I’ve ever wanted. His sexy smirk, self-assured ways, and SEAL background have me burning with desire. My first day of college he shows up out of the blue. On campus he’s not just a man amongst boys, he’s the man. He’s patriotic, professional, and passionate. Teaching Leadership 101 comes naturally to him. He’s talking about battlefields and boardrooms, but all I can think about is him…in my bedroom, exactly where I want him to take the lead and teach me everything.

I’m not the little girl he used to know. I’m a woman now. A woman with needs. Needs that can only be fulfilled by a real man. A leader. Luke Is that Zoey? When did she grow up? And what is she doing in my class? After twenty-five years of service to our country it’s time to begin my second career…as a university professor. It’s a natural fit for my SEAL skill set, but the only fit that’s on my mind is how I’m going to fit my entire ten inches inside her, my best friend’s daughter.

When she comes to see me in my office, she has only one question…and it’s not from my on plan. It’s personal, and she’s been saving it just for me. I only know how to lead from the front, with a vision for the future. There’s only one answer I can give. The truth, no matter the consequences. *Leader is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.