Kindle Unlimited For Readers: How To Gain Much More WITHOUT Subscribing

Kindle Unlimited For Readers: How To Gain Much More WITHOUT Subscribing
March 7th 2015 by Live Happy Press
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If A Friend Gave You $20, Would You Take It Or Leave It? Whenever you invest your hard earned dollars and subscribe to a new service, you’d want to gain the most out of it, right? You would do your “homework” and see what’s available, what are the best options, and what makes financial sense for your own situation. But as you make all the necessary computations, you continue to get hammered by promotions and advertisements about the product or service and why it’s the “perfect fit” for you. That’s where this book comes in and intervenes to place a magnifying glass over Kindle Unlimited and show everything up close. And the first thing you MUST know is this…. This Service IS NOT Unlimited Not knowing all the facts may lead to a waste of money, a waste of time, and you being a very disgruntled customer. BUT, in a few short pages, you will side-step this experience and discover the truth about…. The “not-so-unlimited” amount of books you can really access.

The “not-so-unlimited” amount of books you can have at once. The “not-so-unlimited" amount of books you can read at once. The “not-so-unlimited” amount of active readers that this service is available to. Why you CANNOT read lots of best-selling books (the proof might leave you a bit annoyed). Why many great and talented authors are becoming “angry” with Kindle Unlimited. And, I will show you: The other options that are available.

The one great alternative that has been around long before Kindle Unlimited, and how to properly gain immediate access and take advantage of it! PLUS, the MEGA option to go with that gives you access to these same books, and blows KU out of the sky! Back To The $20 I will also show you how you can save $20 instantly, and get SO MUCH MORE by leveraging this MEGA option, getting the best out of the digital world, and making your money count! To get all the details and have the “insider knowledge”…. Just scroll up and get your copy now!