The Love of an East Atlanta Boss 3

The Love of an East Atlanta Boss 3
July 4th 2016 by David Weaver Presents
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Living and loving has become the motto for two of the hottest couples in Atlanta. With Jet and Sonic having found love in each other, it’s only right that Esso and Ezana have their chance as well. Building a future with the person you love is exciting and can be one of the most exhilarating things in the world, as long as it’s done right. As long as there’s no demons from the past resurfacing to cause turmoil and resentment in the present. Esso is a strong man, and one of a commendable caliber, but just like everyone else, he has things that he allows to get the best of him. With one of the most important ones being the beautiful free soul that has captured his heart. Ezana Takato. The love of Esso’s life, and the happiness that he’s always craved. Blending into his world and practically taking it over, Ezana leaves an impression on Esso’s heart that not even the deepest addiction can taint. With more love to give than time she has to sacrifice, Ezana stands in Esso’s corner, fighting for him when he’s unable to fight for himself, loving him when he feels unlovable and guiding him when he’s lost his way. Though it takes time for the couple to get on the right path, they finally do, only to be detoured once again by the past. This time, a woman. Will Esso continue being the strong intelligent man that he was, or will he allow his past loves to mess up his future?