Finding Herself

Finding Herself
October 9th 2017
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Cathlene loses her husband leaving her to raise their two sons on her own.

She was a stay at home mom for many years and had no skills. She does not want to leave her house for anything. She does not care how selfish she is. All she can do is think of herself. One morning she woke up and realized she needed to be a mother. She was letting Victor down by only caring for herself and not her children. She decides to get out of bed to be the mom she knows she can and has to be. After landing a chance job of a lifetime, Cathlene falls for her boss. He reciprocates her feelings and takes her for one hell of an emotional ride. She did not realize how much she missed a man’s touch until Pryce came along. Will Pryce be the savior she needs? Will she go back to the way she once was? Or will Pryce be the one to help her find herself?