The One Year Make-It-Stick Devotions

The One Year Make-It-Stick Devotions
August 27th 2007 by Tyndale Kids
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Ready to make God's Word really stick? "The One Year Make It Stick Devotions" makes it easy—and fun! When God made the promise to never again flood the earth, he reinforced his promise with an object we would recognize—a rainbow. Any time we see a rainbow, we remember God's promise. By pairing objects (called Click-ers) that kids see or think about every day with stick-to-your-heart devotions, kids have a concrete reminder of God's Word. When children see a flashlight, a penny, or a speed-limit sign, it reminds them of God's teaching. No more “in one ear and out the other” or confused looks at tougher teaching. The kid-tested "Make It Stick Devotions" really, really work. . . because they make God's Word really, really stick! Start any day the One Year Way! Do-able. Daily. Devotions. This book helps your child connect with God every day ... the One Year way.

Perfect for ages 6 to 10. "The One Year Make It Stick Devotions" is not a memory system, but a way for kids to connect key concepts about God and the Bible with their daily life.

It provides a really strong way to hide God's Word in their hearts. It's especially useful for kids who are visual learners and who find it difficult or boring to memorize Bible verses. "The One Year Make It Stick Devotions" includes devotions from every book of the Bible. Includes list of the books of the Bible with their sound-alike animal names, listed by the week or weeks when they'll be studied. Contains devotions for six days of each week, Monday through Saturday, with optional weekend activities for Saturday/Sunday. For each book of the Bible, devotions include: Introductory devotion summarizing the book of the Bible, with a cartoon of the animal that represents that book, an explanation for why the animal was chosen, and a just-for-fun lookup of a key passage from that book One or more in-depth devotions containing a Bible verse of the day Daily make-it-stick activities Prayers to conclude each devotion Saturday/Sunday devotions have an additional optional make-it-stick weekend activity Each devotion will cause your child to realize the importance of reading and obeying God's Word and how much He loves them