Children's book: "WAIT FOR KATE": Animal habitats, Animal stories, Funny books for kids, teaches values, preschool -picture book (Funny Bedtime Stories ... .Beginner Reader& Early learning -Series 6)

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November 26th 2015
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SOMETIMES IT'S HARD TO LEARN SOMETHING NEW! We try and try, and just don't seem to succeed. Then we see others succeeding, and that makes us feel worse! So it can be tempting just to give up. Kate the little bird is having a hard time learning how to fly. Her brother and sister both learned how, but not Kate! She really wants to fly and see the world from the sky, but it all seems too hard. Will she give up, or keep trying? WAIT FOR KATE is a funny story that will encourage young readers to keep trying, even when they feel discouraged. Readers will cheer Kate on while discovering for themselves the importance of never giving up.

DOES YOUR CHILD LOVE TO READ BEAUTIFUL PICTURE BOOKS? This beautiful picture book is perfect for beginner readers, excellent storybook for early readers, reading aloud at home, and as a bedtime story. You and your children will love Kate's adorable and humorous tale.