In the Hands of an Outlaw

In the Hands of an Outlaw
January 2012 by ReneeRomance Books
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A Western/Historical Interracial Short Story In 1849, in the midst of the California Gold Rush, Tilly Jackson was a barmaid at the popular Pay Trail Saloon and Hotel. Tilly was content after six months working in the saloon, but she knew her circumstances were about to change for the worse. She could feel it. Before her luck turned, why shouldn't she experience what it was like for a man to make love to her? The handsome new patron with the seductive blue eyes seemed like the perfect gentleman to ask. Leo Samuels, a half white, half Native American outlaw, arrived in the town of Bodie, California to escape from the law and win big at poker. In The Pay Trail Saloon, the stunning dark-skinned barmaid caught his eye and quickly won his affection.

When Tilly is victim to a brutal attack, Leo vows to eliminate every person that dared to lay a hand on her, despite the danger. He never guessed that once he had Tilly in his hands, he'd never want to let her go.