Beverly: The Butcher's Bride

Beverly: The Butcher's Bride
February 1st 2018
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Read This Clean Historical Western Romance For FREE With Kindle Unlimited Bonus! Includes A Collection Of Over 20 Sweet Mail Order Bride Novelettes From Bestselling Authors Charity Phillips and Faith-Ann Smith Wallace, Kansas - 1890 Beverly Nelson is young and smart, with a vision for how things should be at Stewart House, the Western eatery where she works as a waiter-girl. Her sister Carrie is sweet and obedient, but Beverly speaks her mind, which seems to be a bit of a threat for their supervisor, Rita. When she is told to stop meddling in the boss’ business, Beverly can’t help but spend time with the butcher next door. She has an idea for how things should run and lets the butcher, Mr. Wilfred Maddox, know what she’s thinking. Instead of being angry with her, he is captivated and thrilled by her ideas. Can Beverly successfully help change things for the better at Stewart House, or will she end up losing her job? All she knows is that a friend like Wilfred Maddox is a valuable thing for her to have… But perhaps Wilfred will see her as something more. **This is the second story of the Stewart House Brides series.

Each installment is a standalone 20,000 word clean historical Western romance and may be read in any order. Book 1: Mail Order Bride Carrie Book 2: Beverly: The Butcher’s Bride Book 3: Coming February 2018 Book 4: Coming March 2018