The Buxom Bandits (United States Marshal Finch Western #6)

The Buxom Bandits (United States Marshal Finch Western #6)
September 25th 2017 by Rusty Spur Publishing
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There is a new spin on stage robbing in the Midwest, women, that’s right, women.

When a friend found herself in financial trouble, her best friends decided they needed to help. Dressed as common working girls, sporting wigs and lots of makeup so no one would recognize them, these well-known women of the community pulled off their first stage robbery. Netting thousands of dollars, they saved their friend from financial ruin. Dubbed the BUXOM BANDITS they would go on robbing stage coaches to steal money for poor and needy families. When one stage robbery resulted in the shooting of a lawman, US Marshal Harry Finch was called in to get to the bottom of these stage robberies and bring to justice these women robbers known as the BUXOM BANDITS. BUXOM BANDITS is book six in the US Marshal Harry Finch western series.