The Shards of Ruin (Pendragon Chronicles, #1)

The Shards of Ruin (Pendragon Chronicles, #1)
September 28th 2015
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Fleeing the kingdom of Vangaar Reaque to which they are bound to serve until death, the two sibling mages, Winter Pendragon and Relistrair Pendragon, find themselves at the mercy of the realm of Halador. While Relistrair flees north to serve under the northern clansmen of the Filderlunds, Winter flees south to the notorious city of Sa’Ruum where she stumbles across a dark and alluring pirate. Both declared traitors, the Pendragon mages struggle with their new lives while trying to conceal their unique and dangerous arcane talents, talents that inevitably reveal themselves along their journey. In the Kingdom of Bodecia a queen and her cousin plan to assassinate a king. Meanwhile King Caladin De'Lourdrey of Vangaar Raeque wages war on the southern Kingdom of Rainniere in the hopes of extending his lands. In the northern Kingdom of the Filderlunds, the clans struggle to unite, but at what cost? Hidden in forests of the wilds, the elven Fai'Amen race struggle with a ruler that has forsaken his people as his queen falls ill.

Meanwhile the dwarven king of Fanjorin secretly plots his own uprising, remaining hidden in the shadows and patiently waiting. As whispers of the return of an old god spread through the realm, time will only tell whether it is rumour or something more. Only in the pirate city of Sa'Ruum does freedom truly prevail, and perhaps the salvation of Halador lies in the hands of the rebel pirate lord Kazabon Stormryder, ruler of the infamous City of Thieves. The Shards of Ruin is a dynamic tale of adventure, struggle and desire, following the trials and tribulations of the two Pendragon mages ever bound to their hidden gift. A gift that broke them free, but perhaps will also end up breaking everything along the way.......