Love Me Right (You Call That Love)Part 2

Love Me Right (You Call That Love)Part 2
November 4th 2013 by Right About It Publications
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They say Love conquers all, but does it really? Sometimes the mistakes of the past are too hard to forgive. Sometimes the truth is just too hard to accept and we must move on. In the sequel to You Call That Love, Yasmin is dealing with the aftermath of learning the truth behind her parents’ rejection. Hurt from years of lies, she tries to recover.

Unsure of how to move on, she must decide if she can forgive and if she can re-build a relationship. Fortunately, she has Braxton. Braxton has been her rock.

For the first time in her life, she is happy. He’s been there with her through the good and bad, flaws and all. He loves her for her, not just for her hazel-green eyes. Braxton is the one who shows her love and the beauty she possesses. There is no doubt of his love.

His love gives her the security she’s always sought. However, Yasmin doesn’t know everything, such as the real reason behind their previous breakup. Sadly, what was done in the dark has come to light and this truth, is too much for Yasmin to handle. Trust and love shattered, alone and broken, what is Yasmin to do? Can she love? Can she forgive? Yasmin is at her breaking point and yet another development arises. This one, changes everything and her decision is not so simple. Who will love her right?