The Blood Covenant: Illustrated Edition

The Blood Covenant: Illustrated Edition
December 8th 2016 by CrossReach Publications
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This subject opens an absolutely new field for research and study. for those who are deeply interested in obtaining the best and richest of God's provisions for man. Those who have had the privilege of listening to Dr. Kenyon's lectures on this subject have long been asking that they might be put into print. Until now, the way has not been opened whereby this might be done, but the time has at last come when the desire in the hearts of the people is to be granted. The truth, hidden away in the memorial of the Lord's Table, and forming the foundation of it, is of such a nature that your heart will thrill in response to the possibilities that present themselves, and will stir you to lay hold on the same power and victory and miracles that became a part of the every day life of the apostles. It is impossible to describe, in words, what the Blood Covenant will mean to you, once you learn what it is. My father, Dr. E.W. Kenyon, the author of this manuscript, went home to be with His Lord, March 19, 1948, but the work which he started is still going on and bing count thousands. This book is being printed as a lasting memorial to him, and has been made possible by the love gifts of those who have been helped and bed by his ministry.