The Killing of Andrew Mybull

The Killing of Andrew Mybull
July 31st 2014 by SBP Media
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Hang onto your girdle, Granny, we're on a wild ride... to the land of the Cornhuskers! You will meet the rambunctious Prell brothers who live on a rundown farm in Polk County, Nebraska during the 1950s.

Philo Prell, the leader of the pack, comes up with a humongous idea, Big Blue Balls, and develops CO3TSP, their secret ingredient.

The clumsy but earnest Dewitt triplets, obsessed with fire, assist in the production of the irresistible--and highly profitable--product. The dreaded Gypsies invade the bucolic Polk County, where they take over the Prell pasture. Andrew Mybull becomes the innocent target of malice and mayhem. Widespread conflict is imminent between the Gypsies and the narrow-minded gawkers who come to see and harrass the misunderstood intruders. What can the Prell brothers do to restore the peace?