EcoKids: Raising Children Who Care for the Earth

EcoKids: Raising Children Who Care for the Earth
June 1st 2005 by New Society Publishers
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To forge a sustainable future, we need citizens who care for the earth.

We need citizens who understand that planet care is the ultimate form of self-care. But we also need generations who live according to their values and convictions and who can effect positive change in their lives and the lives of others. Because public schools and the popular media cannot be counted on to produce an Earth-friendly citizenry, the task falls to parents. Yet even aware parents often lack the understanding and resources to take on such a task. EcoKids addresses this gap by presenting a coherent plan that will help parents foster love for nature, teach children the importance of environmental protection and promote environmental values and inspire action—actions that will last a lifetime.

A hopeful and inspiring guide for parents, topics covered include ways to: Avoid gloom and doom in favor of positive solutions Foster love and empathy for nature Develop environmental values Put values into action Help children discover the roots of problems and be part of lasting solutions Walk the talk Counter the consumer culture, starting in your own home and community Generate hope and combat apathy Each chapter includes an inspiring case study of a child who’s making a difference, short pieces that highlight serious problems such as global warming, along with positive solutions that can be read aloud to children, and activities for children. A resource guide lists helpful books, articles, videos and organizations. Dan Chiras is the father of two boys and the author of over 20 books on environmental issues and sustainability. He teaches courses on renewable energy, green building and sustainability at Colorado College. His free time is spent mountain biking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, playing music and gardening with his boys.