The Three Flowers

The Three Flowers
June 28th 2017
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While reading about the phenomenon of short poetry which is one of the most intriguing forms of poetry on the Internet, micropoetry featured on Twitter caught all my attention. What is micropoetry, you might ask? It’s a “genre of poetic verse which is characterized by its extreme brevity. On Twitter, however, micropoetry is limited because of the word limit on the social media site: Poets must create works that are 140 characters or . To me, this idea of limited words is both fascinating and challenging. It is particularly interesting to me that this type of constraint has spread to the internet, because I tend to think of contemporary poetry as being more free-flowing, without many rules in play to restrict it. The combination of the new technology and the fixed form a Twitter poet must abide by seems to me to be a sort of collision of two worlds.

Micropoetry is what my book is all about. Writing poetry is a wonderful way to jump start your creativity and hone your writing skills.