The Italian Billionaire's Nanny Proposal

The Italian Billionaire's Nanny Proposal
July 20th 2015 by La Carolina Press
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Italian billionaire hotelier Giorgio Cortese is envied by those around him.

He has wealth, good looks, two lovely daughters, and an extended family who care about him greatly. But one thing eludes him: a wife. Having been cast aside by his stunningly beautiful model wife, Valentina, for a handsome Peruvian actor, Gio decides that he will apply his logical business brain to choose a suitable second wife.

Mia Bristow, Hackney born and raised, doesn't look like the quintessential nanny -- with her pink brushcut, tattoos, and piercings -- but there's no one better suited to the job. She just loves children. And when she lands the job of nanny to Gio Cortese's two beautiful little girls, Vita and Grazia, she can't believe her luck. Who wouldn't love living in a gorgeous Italian villa on the edge of Lake Como? But 18 months into her nanny contract, Mia's world turns upside down when she accidently overhears her employer tell his father about a very cockamamie plan. And that's when a comedy of errors happens.