History of Russia and the Russian People: From Ancient Times to the Present

History of Russia and the Russian People: From Ancient Times to the Present
August 31st 2014 by Constantine
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This is a book about the History of Russia and the Russian people. Centuries before the Eastern Slavs established their first major political entity (Kievan Rus’), the East European Plain, and especially the territory of modern day Ukraine, was inhabited by a variety of Indo-European and Indo-Aryan tribes (in addition to those making up the Eastern Slavs), including the Scythians (600BC to 200BC), Goths, Avars, Magyars and Huns (100 to 900AD). This book traces the history of Russia and her people from these earliest days, when they struggled to form their first polity, and follows their journey through the middle ages, through the Bolshevik Revolution, the Great War, rise and fall of the Soviet Union, and the reemergence of Russia as a world power under Vladimir Putin. This book contains the following chapter divisions: 1.Origins 2.

The Early Centuries 3.Ivan the Great 4.Ivan IV 5.After Ivan the Great and the False Dmitriys 6.The Romanovs Enter History 7.Peter the Great 8.

Interim After Peter 9.Catherine the Great 10.Tsar Paul 11.Tsar Alexander I 12.Tsar Nicholas I 14.Tsar Alexander II 19.Tsar Alexander III 20.Tsar Nicholas II 21.Aleksandr Kerensky 22.The Bolshevik Revolution 23.The Civil War 24.

The NEP and Rebuilding the Economy 25.The Post-Lenin Interim and the Rise of Stalin 26.How the Cold War Started 27.Nikita Khrushchev 28.Leonid Brezhnev 29.Yuriy Andropov 30.Konstantin Chernenko 31.Mikhail Gorbachev 32.Perestroika 33.Glasnost 34.

Demokratizatsiya 35.Boris Yeltsin 36.Vladimir Putin