Twenty affordable sailboats to take you anywhere

Twenty affordable sailboats to take you anywhere
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In Twenty Affordable Sailboats to Take You Anywhere you will find in-depth reviews of twenty affordable, comfortable, and seaworthy sailboats. These boats range in size from 30-38 feet, an ideal size for the cruising couple, yet big enough to accommodate an occasional cruising hitchhiker or two. All of these boats were once prominent offerings, designed by some of the world 's leading naval architects and produced by reputable manufacturers. These boats are still readily available in the used boat market."Gregg has done a fine research job here, one pleasingly devoid of flim-flam.

It's a truly helpful tool for those of you wading with trepidation into the murky waters of boat-buying."-John Vigor, Author, Twenty Small Sailboats to Take You Anywhere"This book is a must for the boat shopper looking for an experienced vessel."-Bob Bitchin - Founder/Editor, Latitudes and Attitu