The Duke Suggests a Scandal

The Duke Suggests a Scandal
April 2017
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Death has made Harry Marsden the most fortunate man in England. Six years ago he thought himself doomed to misery, ordered into a marriage for money by his profligate father.

The space of the past year has found him first father, then a wealthy widower, and finally the unexpected heir to the Dukedom of Westbourne. If only good fortune were contagious! Nothing could be more devastating than the news that his old friend, Catherine Sharp, is about to agree to an unwanted betrothal. A penni gentleman’s daughter, Catherine aims to give up her own freedom to secure better prospects for her sister. Harry must engineer the scandal of the season to overturn her engagement. Surely a Duke will serve better than any other for Catherine’s marriage of convenience? A scandal is one matter. The heart is quite another.

In order to wed her, Harry must convince his childhood sweetheart that their marriage will not be a match of convenience, but love.