Memoirs of a Cinderella

Memoirs of a Cinderella
April 24th 2016
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I’ve recently learned your path in life has been paved long before you even came along. I was sick of trying to fight everything that came my way.

And this is where it led me to… Have you ever had a plan for yourself? Was the plan ever shot to shit? Well, welcome to my life.

In my debut novel, a memoir about my life, take a journey with me down memory lane. We’ll hit the wonderful highs and the liquid shit lows. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry… well no that’s a lie, I think I’ll be doing most of the crying here. No bother, it’ll still touch you, in a heartfelt way, not a dirty way. Un you’re into that sort of thing, then that’s cool .I don’t judge. If you’ve ever been through a hard time, been bullied, maybe you love the acoustics of a good fart, you’ve had a parent get sick, or you’ve loved a boy, but he just didn’t love you back, maybe even had so much hate in you, you just had to make a list about it, or maybe, just maybe, you have vagina problems…GASP! Then you know what…. This book is for you. We’ve all been there. Whether we want to admit it or not. I’m comfortable with what I say. I’m not ashamed of my past, I want people to know, you’re not alone. So come, take my hand- and let's travel this journey, together.