Guardian of the Angels Box Set, Books 1 - 3: Veined, Lethed & Phoenixed

Guardian of the Angels Box Set, Books 1 - 3: Veined, Lethed & Phoenixed
March 24th 2017
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Read all three books of the Guardian of the Angels saga in this box set! Follow Sylva and Attic on their epic quest - fighting against demons to protect the heavenly realm of Eirene, and fighting for each others hearts. Veined It could be worse for Sylva Lark. She could be dead. A coma was nothing to that. Or her family moving across country for the treatment, leaving her with a big blue mark on her back. She can handle it.

Mostly. Except the mark glows and tingles, especially whenever transition helper Atticus Plot (Attic) is close by. She suspects he’s hiding something, and when she stumbles across a torn body bearing the same spiral marking as her own, that suspicion is confirmed. After a few shaves with death, the truth finally comes out and the battles begin. But not all her fights are external; her biggest one is the decision she has to make between doing the right thing for the world and giving up her beloved family for good. Lethed Sylva Lark made her choice. Now she has to adjust to Guardian life. Training. Killing demons. Controlling her powers. If only giving up her family wouldn’t hurt so damn much, . . . and if there wasn’t a strange attraction to the betrothed Prince Atticus she just met . . . Amongst murder and mayhem, and toeing an unclear line between right and wrong, Sylva and her fellow Guardians must find a way to secure Eirene. But it’s not easy going up against underworld Queen Furie when those on Sylva’s side are hiding secrets . . . Will they succeed in protecting the home of the angels? Or will they fail, submitting the heavens to the fate of Furie? And will Sylva and Attic ever remember what they mean to each other? Or will they stay forever Lethed? Phoenixed Gold. Such a beautiful color. Such deadly consequences. As one of the three keys to Eirene, Sylva must protect it at all cost to stop the Derinyes from storming the heavenly realm and taking it for their own. Sylva must keep its whereabouts secret. But it’s a secret that tears her apart. Saving a realm of souls comes at the price of destroying the few she cares about. In the final chapter of the Guardian of the Angels trilogy, Sylva, Attic, Marcus, and Alyse are locked in the battle between good and evil, right and wrong.

And none of them are sure which side they’ll come out on in the end. And whether their hearts will remain intact.