Holiday Surprises: Romantic Short Story Anthology

Holiday Surprises: Romantic Short Story Anthology
November 22nd 2015
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Holiday Surprises is a collection of four sweet and funny short stories. Filled with romance and friendship, each tale follows a different woman as she searches for love and happiness during a special holiday event. The stories are standalone, but they are all connected to each other. Perfect to read on your lunch break or while relaxing before bed, Holiday Surprises is a year-round treat.

Stories include: “The Sweetest Surprise” Emily's boyfriend is going to dump her.

At least, that is what she's been convinced. He is acting incredibly strange, keeping secrets and lying about money. Worst of all, with Valentine's Day coming up, he might dump her on her favorite holiday! However, things are not as they appear. Her thoughtful boyfriend actually has a sweet secret up his sleeve. With Emily freaking out, will he be able to keep his lips shut until the big day? “An Irresistible Surprise” Courtney has no trouble attracting men. She has problems making them go away. They always fall in love and want her to promise her heart. However, commitment is the last thing on her mind – especially with her favorite holiday, Halloween, coming up. But when it comes time to trick or treat, she accidentally finds herself on a date with the handsome, sweet Clint. His charm soon makes Courtney’s rebellious heart re-think its aversion to Happily Ever After! Will this bachelorette find love irresistible at last? “The Noel Surprise” Meaghan takes party planning seriously. She has diagrams, notes, orders, and schedules galore. Her upcoming holiday party should be a breeze then – she has been working on it for months! However, when she forgets a key component of The Party, Meaghan is left in despair. Having tried to take on too much, she feels that she has ruined the day for everyone. Luckily, her husband decides to step in, proving to her that romance and Christmas miracles are always in season! “A Lovely Surprise” Sonali has always wanted to find the right man to settle down with. She thought Rob was that guy, until he broke her heart and disappeared from her life. Now Rob is back, and he wants to prove that he can still be the loving man she fell for. As they spend an Easter party together he'll have to pull out all the stops to convince Sonali that their love is worth a re-match.