Welcome Home

Welcome Home
October 21st 2014 by Premier Content Source, Inc.
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Nine years ago, all of Bubba Clark’s dreams were about to come true. He was about to become the first member of his family to graduate from college, and all of the professional football scouts said he was about to become a millionaire in the NFL. But then his world turned upside down. One mistake unraveled all of those dreams. The guilt and shame his mistake left in its wake were strong enough to chase Bubba away from school, away from his hometown, and away from his loved ones. Now, though, a family emergency has pulled him back into the world he left behind. When Bubba’s father suffers a stroke, he has no choice but to return to tiny Curtinville, Texas, and take over as the man of the family. But with so many Curtinville football fans unable to forgive him for screwing up nearly a decade ago, it’s a responsibility that’s a whole lot tougher than Bubba ever could have imagined.

For the first time in nine years, Bubba is forced to confront the feelings he has buried for so long – feelings that become even more confusing when a beautiful blonde catches his eye. Will Bubba rise to the challenge? Or, will his past ruin his future?