Wooden Star

Wooden Star
October 3rd 2017
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Written by Tony Gavin, this unabridged audiobook is narrated by Lawrence D Palmer. Aging bounty hunter Cody Stenger determines to retire from his violent lifestyle and to find somewhere peaceful to settle down. He finds himself in the small town of Three Points Arizona where he befriends a small boy and his mother.

Not wanting to be drawn in to the problems and corruption perpetrated by the deputy and his kin in this small town, Stenger attempts to move on but trouble follows him. Stenger then unwittingly seriously injures and almost kills the young boy, forcing Stenger to return with him to town for medical assistance. Here his troubles quickly escalate and now fighting for his life Stenger is forced to deal with the corrupt deputy, his kinfolk and their outlaw associates. Relationships and romance culminate in an explosive ending.