Fairchild Regency Romance

Fairchild Regency Romance
May 26th 2016
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The series readers call ‘Witty and wonderful.’ Escape the everyday with 3 stories of fairy-tale romance. Nearly 800 pages of flirtation, intrigue, love and scandal, with "all the right touchstones of Regency romance." Don't start this collection late at night - you won't be able to put it down! Fairchild: Good English families all have a house in the country with a deer park, a trout stream, and an army of gardeners.

They should have a son, and if it can be managed, he should be handsome. Cleverness isn't important.

Daughters in limited quantities are fine so long as they are pretty.

Bastards are inconvenient and best ignored. It's not a problem, un you are one. Unfortunately, Sophy is. Sick of being the outcast, she escapes her father's house, only to fall from her horse during a spring storm. Injured, soaked and shivering, she stumbles to a stranger's door: Tom, a blunt-edged merchant from a family of vulgar upstarts. Mistaking Sophy for the genuine article, he takes her in. Sophy can't resist twisting the truth. Soon she's caught in her own snare - and it might just be a noose.

Incognita: There are worse things than being spectacularly jilted. Losing a leg, for instance, or getting shot—well, perhaps not: the bullet Alistair took fighting in the peninsula never landed him in London’s scandal sheets. Captain Alistair Beaumaris never dreamed he’d be tossed over by Lord Fairchild’s bastard daughter, losing both her and her fortune—a singular humiliation that should have taught him a on. But when your luck is out, you do foolish things, like mistake a perfectly respectable widow for a lady of easy virtue. Unfortunately, that kind of blunder needs fixing. Yielding to his troublesome conscience, Alistair tracks down the elusive widow .

. . but the only thing he doesn’t find is an easy way out. Courting Scandal: Laura Edwards took the the stage to fund her brother’s medical career. Now he’s established, he wants her to turn respectable. Forced to join him in the country, Laura finds herself playing propriety in plain sight of one of her biggest London admirers, Jasper Rushford, the care-for-nothing son of the local viscount.

He just might have recognized her…