Shirley Flight, Air Hostess and the Desert Adventure

Shirley Flight, Air Hostess and the Desert Adventure
1960 by World Distributors
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A group of people, all strangers to each other, all traveling by air to the other side of the world on their own particular business, are crossing, en route, the mysterious and sometimes sinister East, and ministering to their comfort, is Shirley Flight, Air Hostess on the Transcontinental Air Line. They are a very mixed bunch.

The selfish ex-chorus girl, traveling to the East to marry a wealthy, elderly Indian Prince; the famous young singer and the manager who is exploiting him; the crank who is carrying her campaign across the world; and the timid, shrinking woman who is joining her husband in a remote jungle country .

. . to all of them Shirley extends her helpfulness and charm, to which they respond—or don't respond—in their own individual manner. And then the unexpected happens—a forced landing, due to a severe electric storm—in the middle of a cruel, empty desert . . . Empty? That is only to Western eyes, but in the East, where intrusions are resented with fierce passion, the desert is never empty . . . The passengers and crew find themselves prisoners with no means of escape!