Paine - Time of Anarchy

Paine - Time of Anarchy
May 22nd 2015
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Book One in the Paine Saga. A CIA-manufactured plague was bioengineered to attack coca plants in an effort to eliminate cocaine production. The plague mutates and destroys food plants worldwide. Governments collapsed and billions died. Follow Michael Paine Martin, the son of a mercenary leader, as he tries to protect himself and his family from the ravages of anarchy. Thirteen-year old Mike shivered from the cold and loss of blood. He had rolled out of bed and grabbed the first weapon he could reach when the alarm had sounded and immediately regretted his choice. The twelve-gauge automatic shotgun he carried was heavy, and his shoulder hurt from its massive recoil.

The only good thing was that he really didn’t have to be right on target to get a kill. Unfortunately, it did not protect him from the wild burst from the automatic rifle of the first marauder he shot.

Two of the bullets had punched holes through the calf of his left leg, requiring the application of a tourniquet. Mike limped through the rest of the fire fight, losing all feeling in his left foot and fighting the blackness that threatened to overcome him. Even though his vision was blurry, he managed to kill at least three attackers at close range. He collapsed against a wall, breathing heavily, light-headed and on the verge of nausea from the death he had wrought and the physical pain he was feeling. He felt, rather than saw, movement behind him and, in reflex, brought up his weapon, squeezing the trigger. As the shotgun went off, it was jerked from his hand and he was knocked to the ground. Mike closed his eyes and prepared for the end.